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About Me

Hi, my name is Nicholas Kellett, and welcome to my personal blog, which is dedicated to software development, space exploration, tourism and travel!

This is actually the second blog I started. The first one, called Planet MOSS, was a technical blog dedicated to a Microsoft technology called SharePoint (or MOSS at the time). Back in 2006 blogs were the only way to learn how to use this technology so I was able to gather a good readership, gain new skills and meet some wonderful people.

As time went on I found myself with less free time to spare for that blog. Until recently I was the Chief Technical Officer of StoneShare Inc, a software consulting firm in Ottawa Canada, and I was spending all my time helping to make it one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. I’ve since left the company but my free time has not increased!

So, I started this new blog to help focus my downtime on some personal hobbies.

I have always been interested in space exploration and tourism, and something called “NewSpace”, which means private sector space exploration. Other hobbies include the Internet of Things (IoT), scuba diving, and travel.

Quick facts:

1) I speak French, English, and a little Spanish, so for you international visitors feel free to contact me in your language and you can expect a (fairly broken) response 🙂

2) I have lived and worked in London England, New York City, New Jersey,  and Sydney Australia

3) I am a member of the Planetary Society’s New Millenium Committee

I hope you enjoy this blog, which I will update weekly, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

This is my main blog but I also have a small Tumblr blog at which shares some content with this site.

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